Traditional Thai massage & Thai Yoga Massage

Nuad, the Thai word for traditional Thai massage, means “healing touch” and is an ancient healing art that invites body, mind and spirit to a state of deep harmony and joy. In essence, the different terms ”traditional Thai massage” and ”Thai yoga massage” point to the sam tradition. Since yoga and Thai massage share the same roots, and the two practices are in many senses related, the name Thai Yoga Massage is often used. The boundaries to yoga, especially partner yoga, are seamless. In fact, Thai massage is often described as a type of passive yoga for the receiver. Just as in yoga, mindfulness and presence are of utmost importance. Our dear friend and inspiring teacher Zoltan Gyorgyovics often says ”presence is love”. By giving something or someone our attention, by offering our presence, we also give it our energy, or Prana. Offering our awareness is an act of love, called prema in sanskrit.  When we are attentive and listen, each body will tell us the story of his or her human. Our body is the expression of our life. Alle experiences, emotions and feelings are stored within the body even when the conscious mind has lost access to these levels of the Self. Thai massage uses the body as a gateway to the energetic body, aiming to restore the flow of prana through the body and initiate a healing journey. As Thai Yoga Massage Practitioners, it is our greatest wish to support others on their individual healing journery, awakening the healer within i order to access our highest potential. The aim is to create a space in which healing and growth may happen on all levels: physical, emotional, mental und spiritual. A Thai Yoga Massage has the potential to offer gentle relxation as well as a passive but intense physical and energetic work out! On the physical level the Thai massage practitioner uses pressure, traction and the force of gravity to reach deep tissue and acupressure points along the energetic roadmap of the body. The massage begins at the feet and travels from there up the body, bringing the receiver’s awareness continually to the point of contact. In this way the receiver’s awareness is invited to travel upwards as the giver systematically makes works along the energy lines starting at the roots and traveling to the higher chakras, moving through the heart chakra all the way to the crown chakra. Through the stimulation of the energy lines, energetic blockages in the body may be released and the body’s innate healing abilities are awakened so that prana may once again freely flow, thus restoring a state of health, balance and harmony. The receiver experiences the peaceful bliss of relaxing into the present moment. In this state of being, inner processes, both unconscious and conscious may arrange themselves in a new order. The giver also enters a meditative state and builds a deep yet pure connection with the receiver throughout the duration of the massage.


Receiving Thai massage 

Receiving a Thai massage is a gift for body, mind and spirit. It is a whole (energy-)body workout taking into account and giving special attention to individual needs. A typical Thai massage begins at the feet and moves energy up the body centering either at the heart or the head. Since a Thai yoga Massage may initiate healing and detoxification processes, we encourage our clients to drink an ample amount of fluids and enjoy the rest of the day in a relaxed manner. For the massage please wear comfortable and soft clothing (such as those worn for yoga) in which your body can be freely moved.  As a receiver you are invited to completly relax, surrender and let go.

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Thai massage Training

We offer Thai massage trainings for beginners as well as experienced practitioners. Many of our Thai massage trainings are led by Zoltan Gyorgyovics, certified Sunshine Network teacher.

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