In 2006, Sophia and Winfried Ruhs began their shared path into spirituality, yoga, healing, and the power of community. Guided by their longing for authentic self-expression, a fulfilling life of service and a healed earth, they dedicated themselves to their own inner evolution. This journey led them to learn from many inspiring teachers and collect and develop invaluable tools that they lovingly pass on to others. In particular, they find great joy in sharing their experience and wisdom from the fields of Acroyoga, Yoga and Thai massage. Their mission is to create spaces in which deep and heart-felt connection may be experienced – with ourselves, our inner Self, our body, the elements of nature that are in and around us, our fellow human beings and the Divine. Spaces in which everyone is invited to share the light of who they are and experience being in community free of dogma, judgement and competition, coming together with the purpose of creating beauty and embodying joy.

Sophia and Winni are passionate about sharing how we can integrate these qualities into our everyday life, so that together we may give birth to a radiant future of a new earth inhabited by a kinder and more loving humanity.
Sophia Ruhs is a passionate Yogini and “bodyworker”. Born to a American mother (with Native American, Spanish and German ancestors) and a German father, at a young age she was already exposed to a diversity of different cultures as she grew up travlelling the world with her family due to her father’s work.

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Winfried Ruhs loved to move, to climb and to play already as a small child. Unfortunately he began to lose his love of movement during his school time since he couldn’t find any joy in the achievement-oriented and competitive way of doing sports. When he was 25 he began practicing Capoeira. He was fascinated by the smooth and supple way of moving the body, the acrobatic dance, and especially the sense of community he felt there in which everyone supported eachother.

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Guest teachers

For Zoltan Gyorgyovics (Sunshine Network teacher) from Budapest, Thai massage is a spiritual practice that he shares from the heart. Zoltan’s warmth and his immense body of knowledge enable him to share this ancient healing art in an easily accessible way. His passion for Thai massage began in 20013 and since 2010 he has been teaching internationally at workshops and retreats.

Fons Bennick is one of the most experienced acrobatic teachers in Europe. Fons has been doing acrobatics for 30 years and has been teaching for the last 25 Years in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. He is the veteran of many international workshops and acrobatics festivals in Holland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Estonia, UK, Denmark, Austria etc.. Fons trained and performed with ‘The Como Brothers’ in Amsterdam for 5 years and ‘The Osmani’s’ also in Amsterdam for 3 years.

Thorsten Bohle, from Germany, has been an acrobat since 1992, when he finished circus school in Berlin. He has been teaching workshops since 1999 and performing since 2006 as the Duo Unwucht ( Thorsten has a humble and naturally funny way of teaching and he loves finding new and creative tricks to share with his students. Take a look here.

Robert Henderson is a highly experienced Thai massage teacher (Sunshine Network) and therapist. He has been a Thai massage practitioner for over 15 years and his specialty his working with the effects of upbringing and environment on the (emotional) body. He recently published his first book on the subject ‘Emotion and Healing in the Energy Body’ in 2015 (in English). Originally from Ireland, he works and lives in Vienna, Austria.