Flying Yogis 200 Hour Teacher Training

let your spirit shine with yoga, healing arts, and acrobatics

Bring your practice to the next level and learn to share your love of lunar and solar partner- and Acro Yoga practices in an authentic, safe and heart-centered way. Experienced AcroYoga teachers Winfried and Sophia Ruhs will guide you on this beautiful journey, exploring yoga, healing arts such as Thai massage and partner acrobatics.
Three pillars of the practice:
* connect with the wisdom of yoga, pure presence and the miracle of the breath
* explore and deepen your healing capacities through massage and other healing arts
* empower through mindful, strengthening and playful acrobatics and let your inner child shine
Finding the teacher within
The teaching path is a beautiful way to deepen your own understanding, hone your skills, and grow in your capacity to hold space for others. For those of you with a deep love and enthusiasm for Acro Yoga, teaching this beautiful practice may be the natural next step. The Flying Yogis 200 Hour Teacher Training, created by experienced AcroYogis Sophia and Winfried Ruhs provides a unique opportunity to learn the art of teaching Acro Yoga in an authentic, heart-centered, safe and playful way. We will delve deep into the practice, refining our own embodiment, taking our practice to the next level and finding our own voice and strengths as a teacher. By exploring where our true passions lie, and what the practice means to us, we allow the inner teacher to shine. A large focus of the training will be allowing our personal gifts to unfold and find our unique way in how we would like to share the greatest gift – which is ourselves – with the world, through this beautiful practice of Acro Yoga. This teacher training will also supply you with a treasure chest of tools and knowledge as well as cultivating solid skills so that you are able to share both lunar and solar aspects of the practice in a safe and joyous way and create community wherever you go! We will learn how to lead classes either alone or with a co-teacher and gather inspiration for creating longer events such as workshops or retreats. Taking the torch of a teacher means igniting your own potential and is a powerful means to deepen your own understanding of the practice.
Joyous embodiment
To share the practice of Acro Yoga, you do not need to be a super yogi, professional acrobat, or Thai massage master. What is required moreover is the humbleness for studentship, the dedication to refine your own embodiment, and the ability to create a safe space for your students.
We will spend lots of time every day practicing basic skills as well as taking our own practice to the next level. A deep understanding of the practice is needed in order to share your skills with integrity. This means we will be doing lots of yoga asana, massage, inversions practice, basing and ofcourse flying, flying, flying to new heights! We will cover lots of theory and bring the theory into practice, becoming stronger every day.
Creating space for growth on all levels
While we do promise that you will learn new ”washing machines”, massage flows and excercises for making your handstands ”tighter” and stronger, our foremost focus will be on the role of the teacher. In sanskrit there are two words to describe a teacher – Guru and mittra. Let’s start with the word Guru. While in the Western world, Guru has come to have some negative associations, the original meaning is ”that which leads from darkness to light”. We could also translate this as from ignorance to understanding or from the false to the true. Often the word Guru is used to describe a teacher. Mittra means a friend, or a guide. The practice of Acro Yoga can catalyze growth on many levels: what we see on the surface is the physical growth which comes from refining our embodiment and expanding our range of movement, however on the mental and emotional levels there can be a lot happeining to. The loving touch of Thai massage and other therapeutic elements may create space for emotional release while partner work in general provides a wealth of opportunity for honing our communication skills. Doing higher level acrobatics or really anything which is new may mean exploring our own boundaries. This type of exploration can also cause things to come up, emotions and feelings to appear. Many things may come up so it is important as a teacher to be able to hold space for growth on all levels through deepening your ability to listen, withhold jugement, be present and compassionate. And also to create an atmosphere where every student feels accepted and celebrated for who he or she is without expectation for performance. When shadow aspects of the self surface it’s important to allow this to happen and use it as a catalyst for deeper learning. We would like to impart tools for adressing the many emotional aspects that may arise through the practice, in this way being a teacher, friend and guide. It’s important to remember that the role of the teacher is not to fill our students with information, but rather to help them navigate the inner unfolding of their inate potential. In the words of Albert Einstein:
”A student is not a container you have to fill, but a torch you have to light up”
Theory and principles of teaching
On a practical level we will discuss theory, philosophy and principles of teaching Acro Yoga, such a layering classes, theming classes, teaching to different levels or population groups, just to name a few. Creating bridges between the practices of yoga, healing arts and acrobatics and learning how to seamlessly weave different elements together to create a whole and unique experience for the students. An emphasis will also be on how to use our creativity to make each class fun, unique and giving students just what they need.
Training embodiment in:
* Yoga Asana. Focus on Yoga Flows as preparation for lunar and solar practices, such as asana flows to prepare for giving massage, flying and basing
* Partner yoga and yoga adjustments
* lunar practices such as therapeutic flying a.k.a. ”flying massage” and Thai massage
* solar practices such as inversions, armbalances, partner acrobatics and Acro Yoga washing machines
We take the Yoga in Acro Yoga seriously. Before we connect with others through this joyful and playful practice it’s important to connect with in. That’s why this training will include:
* The yoga of breath. Pranayama as a practice to increase the life force with in, and breath as a means to cultivate connection with a partner.
* The movement of Prana (energy and life-force) through the body. The different directions and qualities of Prana and how movement can stimulate different qualities.
* Bhava – feeling mind
* meditation and the art of creating inner stillness
* yoga philosophy
* yoga for warming up and cooling down at the beginning and end of class
* Mudras
* relaxation techniques
* adjustments
Healing arts
* Thai massage in supine, prone, side and seated positions
* transitions from Thai massage to therapeutic flying
* conscious touch
* intuitive massage
* massage games
* theory of Thai massage
* healing
Acrobatic practices
* Inversions and spotting
* L-basing
* partner acrobatics
* training techniques
Community and play
* Games, games and more games!
* team building
* circle culture
* council and wisdom circles
* reflection, sharing, being a mirror for eachother
* community building
* non-violent communication
* cultivating trust
Teaching skills
* Finding your unique and authentic voice as a teacher
* holding space for the group
* holding space for emotional release
* taking your own space as a teacher, maybe even stepping out of your comfort zone speaking in front of larger groups
* integrating and drawing upon the strengths of your own personal background in other movement practices
* using voice and wording to set the bhava (class mood)
* teaching to different levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced and mixed level groups
* teaching in different formats, such as weekly classes, private classes, workshops or retreats
* planning classes, layering and theming
* learning to adjust your teaching plan according to student’s needs, how to ”read the room”, improvise and go with the flow
* co-teaching and solo teaching
* Your role as a teacher, guide and space-holder
* singing mantras and heart songs
Business and administration

* Promoting events

* developing your signature style to attract certain target groups

Upon completion of the Flying Yogis Teacher Training Program you will receive a diploma certifying that you have attended 200 hours of Flying Yogis Acro Yoga teacher training with Sophia and Winfried Ruhs. This is not affiliated with the Teacher Training provided by AcroYoga inc.
The most valuable asset you will gain from this teacher training is not the diploma, but the experience you gather. What makes you a good teacher is not a paper but your own knowledge, authenticity, willingness to remain a student at heart, integrity and compassion for yourself and your students.
* Be passionate about the practice and eager to share it with others!
* Desire to develop your own unique and authentic way of sharing and teaching Acro Yoga
* be able to keep a student mindset
* willingness to learn and grow
* ability to listen to your own needs and boundaries and take them seriously
* love creating community
It is great if you are able to embody most of these skills… the more you have, the more you will be able to get out of this training. But it is not a requirement to have all of these skills so see it more as a guidline.
* one year regular yoga practice… if you have done a yoga teacher training that’s even better!
* meditation – any type as long as it’s something you have practiced and not just read about
Healing arts
* 30 hours of massage practice (20 hours from Thai massage), this can me a mix as a giver and as a receiver. Even better is if you’ve completed a 10-day Thai massage beginner’s course.
Confident giving a complete Massage session (ideally Thai massage) 60 minutes or longer
Confident giving a 5 minute ”flying massage” session to someone same-size or smaller without needing a spotter
Acrobatic practices
* 30 hours of partner acrobatics classes, this may overlap with acrobatic-oriented Acro Yoga classes
* feel comfortable upside down
* 30 sec. handstand against the wall
* tuck, straddle and pike in headstand
* tuck-jumps and straddle-jumps
* five of each with good form: push ups, downdog pushups, tuck-ups & hollow body rocks
* cartwheel
Acro Yoga
* 50 hours teacher-lead Acro Yoga classes, and the same amount outside of class (for example at jams in the park).
* It’s a bonus if you have personally studied with Sophia or Winfried Ruhs before
* Teaching experience is helpful, whether you are a yoga teacher or teacher of another movement form (such as Massage, Acrobatics, dance or martial arts)
* Comfortable talking in front of groups… but if you’re still shy, don’t worry about it, we’ll polish that
* Minimum 18 years of age… no limit to the top!
Flying poses and transitions
Here is an overview of flying poses and transitions it’s good that you have mastered:
* base, spot and fly basic positions such as but not limited to: front bird, bow, back bird, back plank, back bow, folded leaf, super yogi, high flying whale, low flying whale, bat, star, side star, throne, child’s pose on feet, shoulderstand in hands, foot to foot, foot to hand
* base, spot and fly basic transitions such as but not limited to: prasarita twist, star walk down, cartwheeling to bat
Application process
The application form is designed for us to get a better idea of who you are and what gifts you already bring with you to the training, and also for you to perhaps gain more clarity about why you would like to become a teacher. You are welcome to apply even if you don’t yet meet every single pre-requisite. We can even discuss in advance before the training begins, which gaps there might be which make sense to fill so that you can get the most out our time together.
As well as completing the form, please send us a simple 2 -5 minute video of you basing and flying both therapeutic and acrobatic flows (such as ones mentioned), and photos of you in handstand and headstand as well as a headshot.
Please read all the information throughly (including Q & A) and incase there be any remaining questions just send us an email to You will receive our answer within 2 weeks and you then can reserve your space by making a downpayment.
Training format
The training consists of two 10-day modules. It will be a compact and intense time of play, learning and transformation as we will be in session aproxx. 10 hours per day. In the middle of each module we will have half a day off. We will spend time for strengthening our personal practice and a big focus will be refining our teaching skills by practice teaching in different-sized groups, gathering feedback from eachother and the teachers, and being a mirror for eachother. We will creat a space together that is supporting each individual to grow, be inspired, inspire others, and be the best version of ourselves.
Daily schedule
Arrival day:
15 -18 Arrival, check-in, Chai and cake 🙂
18 – 19 Dinner
19:30 – 21 Opening circle followed by sauna!
Main training days:
6:30 – 7:15 Mantra & Meditation
7:15 – 7:30 short tea break
7:30 – 8:45 Yoga
8:45 – 10 Breakfast
10 – 13.00 Session 1
13 – 15 Lunch & Break
15 – 18 Session 2
18 – 19:30 Dinner & Break
19:30 – 21 Council, Thai massage temple, reflection, Omwork
departure day:
6:30 – 7:15 Mantra & Meditation
7:15 – 7:30 short tea break
7:30 – 8:45 Yoga
8:45 – 10 Breakfast
10 – 13.00 Session 1
13 – 14:30 Lunch & Break
14:30 – 16:30 Closing Circle
Upcoming trainings
Flying Yogis 200 Hour Teacher Training Summer 2017
Two 10-day modules with time to digest and complete Omwork inbetween
Module 1: May 25th – June 5th 2017
Module 2: August 18th to 26th 2017
Both modules takes place at Winfried and Sophia’s own center: Maitri Yoga Chiemsee in Breitbrunn, South Germany (about 90 minutes away from the Munich International airport), nestled right by the mountains with lush rolling hills and valleys and many beautiful lakes with clean water. Accomodation will be in holiday homes around the corner and we will enjoy delicious organic vegan meals. More information here:
The price includes 200h of training, 3 organic vegan meals per day and housing in a shared rooms.
Early Bird Price (Registration and payment by March 1st 2017) 2600€
Normal Price (Registration and payment after March 1st 2017) 2850€
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where does the training take place and how do I get there?
A: Both modules take place at Maitri Yoga Chiemsee. Find directions here:
The nearest airport is Munich International Airport
Q: Is it o.k. to arrive at the training later or leave the training earlier?
A: If you are only coming a few hours later then that is fine, however if it’s much more than that it might be difficult for you to catch up. If an important personal issue comes up you can always leave at any time during the training, however we can only give the certificate to those who have completed the full training.
Q: May I still join even if I don’t fufill all the pre-requisites?
A: Yes! The main point is that you are eager to share this beautiful practice. We can also find together beforehand which knowledge gaps are most important for you to fill before the training begins.
Q: I am pregnant, can I still join?
A: In general, pregnancy brings many changes in the body and is not the best time for learning new movements, especially not higher level acrobatics. However if you are commited to the practice and also committed to listening to your own needs and taking a step back when needed, it may be possible for you to join. Please contact us personally if you are pregnant.
Q: Will I receive a certificate for this training?
A: Yes. Upon completion of the Flying Yogis Teacher Training Program you will receive a diploma certifying that you have attended 200 hours a Flying Yoigs Acro Yoga teacher training with Sophia and Winfried Ruhs. This is NOT affiliated with the Teacher Training provided by AcroYoga inc!.
Q: I haven’t done a yoga teacher training… can I still join?
A: Yes. You don’t need to be a yoga teacher to join this training, however it is very helpful.
Q: What happens if I have to leave the training earlier?
A: Find our Terms and Conditions here:
Q: How many participants will join?
A: We have a minimum of 10 participants, and a maximum of 30.
If you have any other questions please write to