Transformational inner work


Inner work has the goal of unting with our highest Self, the Self which like a diamond covered in earth, shines beneath the veil of the pain body. The buddha famously said ”life is suffering”. During our childhood and throughout our life, each of us collects experiences that may result is painful imprints, blockages, negative beliefs about life and destructive patterns, as well as the loss of important qualities of the soul such as the ability to be truly and purely joyful. On the healing path it is essential to take a look at these issues in order to, as in the example above, regain our joy and lightness of being and be able to fully receive the gift of being alive. In our own lives we have both experienced how healing it is to heal our shadow sides and are passionate about sharing the tools we have learned on our own path . not as Gurus, but as friends.  The tools and techniques we have learned are very diverse, but what they share in common is that they help us to recognize conscious and unconscious processes and patterns and thereby have the opportunity to release and/or transform them. These tools also help us to expand our heart-space so that we can cultivate a loving and kind fundamental attitude towards ourselves that invites forgiveness and healing on all levels.


Tieing back in to the practice of yoga – for us yoga is much more than simply practicing asans (the physical postures). It is moreover an invaluable instrument for inner growth and expanding our awareness so that the voice of our soul can be heard and isn’t drowned out by that of the ego. Our body is the expression of our life. While our mind is quite succesful in forgetting unpleasant experiences, our body remembers everything.  This is why many emotions and experiences are stored and made manifest in the body. Physical syptoms such as stiffening of the joints and muscles, obesity, fatigue and also small aches and sores remind us that some aspect of our life is not in flow. Through illness and tension our body speaks with us and tries to remind us to slow down, take a step back, and practice an attitude of loving kindness towards ourselves. If we listen and try to understand our body’s language, we can receive important information about topics that the soul is wishing to heal. True miracles can happen when we gift ourself with the time and space for this healing to happen. When we are able to relinquish old patterns that no longer serve our highest Self, we are suddenly able to access vast amounts of energy. In this way we can become more of who we were always meant to be.

Doing this type of transformational work enables us to see inner and outer situations more clearly. Throughout the years we have collected many beautiful excercises that can be done either alone, with a partner or with the group. Here we find a meeting point with the circle way – together we create a space in which each individual feels accepted just as they are, a space in which we can release any fear about having to be something or someone we are not, a space in which we can frely speak without worrying about being judged.  When we have the opportunity to freely speak in this manner, the soul begins to speak and the answers arrive from within. In this way we can be a mirror for eachother in which the mysteries of the soul may reveal themselves.

We may do inner work for ourselves, but it is actually a gift for all. Because we are only truly able to be loving and compassionate to others when we are able to lovingly accept all aspects our ourselves. The more inner space we have, the more space there is for love and joy – and at the same time, the more we are able to perceive the joys and sorrows of others, recognizing that it is not seperate from our own. We learn to understand individual and collective patterns. We discover that love is the root of all Being.  When we are courageous enough to take a look at our own individual shadow, we simultaneously begin to heal a part of the collective pain-body and make an important contribution to the positive transformation of consciousness on this planet. Every little positive change sends positive energy into the world. In Margaret Mead’s words “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”