Green thinking


The first yogis realized many thousands of years ago that our connection to the earth noursishes us, supports us, and supplies us with vital life-energy ad joy. One translation of the word asana is seat – the traditional yogic seat was, and still is today, on the ground, in direct contact with the earth. What is more important today than at any time before, is remembering that this connection is meant to be lived, and not just stay theory. In our personal life, we continually realize more and more how important it is to maintain a deep and loving connection with the earth. Especially in times like these when the world seems to be turning faster and faster, being able to (literally) feel the ground beneath our feet helps us to reconnect with our own inner source. We ourselves are passionate gardeners – and gardening, in the best case being self-sufficient, is nowadays a revolutionary act. What is so greatly needed today is for each of us to begin treating the earth with love and respect – only then can a cultural shift from being consume-oriented, without regard for the effects on the earth and it’s inhabitants, to a mutual beneficial co-existence take place. When we break the chain of producer to product and ourselves become the guardians of the earth by putting our own individual energy into the soil, the earth gifts us with real food which are full of prana, life-energy. At our retreats we place an emphasis on providing our participants with organic, regional, seasonal and vegan meals that are healing for our bodies and the planet. This is one small practical example about how we take the principles of compassion, inter-connectedness and respect for all beings that we practice on the mat into our daily lives. At the moment we are looking for opportunities to take our passion for sustainability and green living further and share our love of nature and a nature-connected lifestyle through our retreats.

In our Blog you can read about our experiences growing our own garden, delicious vegan and seasonal recipes and more.

And below you can find an article (sorry, just in German) from the German Yoga Journal about Winfried, has been a bee-keeper since 1994, and his bees.