Questions and Answers


Welcome! Here you can find answers to the most common questions concerning AcroYoga, Thai massage and our workshops and retreats. If you have a question which hasn’t already been answered here, just send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you out!


Do I have to have previous knowldege and/or already practice yoga in order to try AcroYoga? 

You are welcome to join us just the way you are, and unless prerequisites are specified (only for certain events), no previous knowledge is needed. Even though some movements may look quite spectacular, we always break things down and choose excersises which are accessible. For our retreats all levels, including absolute beginners, are invited. Ofcourse it can be helpful if you are already comfortable in your body, healthy and fit, but even people with physical limitations can have fun with AcroYoga. We have had people with handicaps, and yogis with a cast join us and they still had a wonderful time 🙂 It’s important to respect our own physical boundaries, but also to believe in ourselves and not make ourselves small. Most of the boundaries we have are in the mind. We do offer workshops and traings for advanced practitioners, in this case take a look at the pre-requisites written for that event.


Do I need to bring a partner with me?

You are welcome to bring your partner, a friend, your mum or your brother with you but it’s not a must to bring anyone at all. During our retreats und workshops there will be enough people who are also looking for someone to play and fly with so be rady to make some new friends 🙂  Since we like to use same-size trios in AcroYoga (someone who is about your size and weight) it might be that you and your partner or friend might not be in the same group for every excersise if you have a considerable size difference. We also like to mix it up so that by the end of a workshop, ideally everyone has worked with everyone in the group.



Can I bring my child/ren?

We have created a special family retreat especially for our AcroYogi parents with their kids. However at our other workshops and retreats, children are not allowed to join the AcroYoga sessions. This is because it’s very important for us to create a safe space and having children in the room could potentially lead to an accident. When a child is unattended and participants are practicing acrobatics it can become very unsafe. It is not possible for a parent to simultaneously be 100% present for their child and the group, especially as a spotter. Learning new movements also requires a lot of concentration, which can be disturbed through the presnce of a child. If you don’t have your child with you, you can also fully enjoy this experience for yourself. The only exception we make is for older children/teenagers who would like to fully participate as an adult would and have the neccessary concentration for this. At retreats which aren’t the family retreat, children may join the retreat but are not allowed to attend the AcroYoga sessions.


May I bring my dog?

Unfortunately not.


When are the arrival and departure times for the retreat?

Die Retreats beginnen immer um 16:00 mit Chai und Kuchen, wobei die Eröffnungsrunde erst Abends gegen 18:00 ist. Die Zeitspanne zum Ankommen liegt also zwischen 16:00 und 18:00, wobei wir empfehlen ggf. die Unterkünfte schon vorher zu beziehen. Die Abreise ist am letzten Tag des Retreats nach dem Mittagessen, also gegen 15:00, oder später. Natürlich kannst du auch einen Tag eher kommen und auch länger bleiben, nur ist dies nicht im Preis inbegriffen und muss bzgl. Unterkunft und Verpflegung seperat abgesprochen und gebucht werden.


What do I need to bring with me for the retreat and what not? 

Packing list: a couple towels for the sauna. In some cases bedsheets (check in with your holiday home about this one). Good shoes for hiking and being outdoors. Your yoga mat if you prefer using your own personal one.  Comfortable yoga clothing and maybe something you feel beautiful in 🙂 A personal object for our altar which you can take back with you when you go home.

Please don’t bring these things: In our yogastudio we request that you not consume any addictive things such as cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, etc. If you are able to do without these things for the duration of your stay (I know, for some of us coffee is really hard!), that would be even better.


What kind of food is served during the retreat?

During the retreats we serve three organic, regional, seasonal and vegan meals, with fruits and tea available in between.  A typical breakfast (around 9 a.m.) consists of an ayurvedic porridge (made with oats, millet, quino, rice or other grain), fruit compote, bread with spreads and more. For lunch (around 1 p.m.) there is often vegetables, legumes, grains, chutney and salade… lunch can get pretty diverse with recipes from around the world, often ayurvedicly prepared. For dinner, which is arounf 6 pm. we serve soup, cooked vegetable salads, bread and home-made spreads. All meals are 100% organic.