Maitri Yoga Chiemsee Studio


Our yoga studio is situated in the heart of the Chiemgau area, nestled just a few minutes walk away from the Chiemsee lake, with the majestic alps close by. At our studio we aim to make a personal dream come true by creating a place where authentic connection and deep learning can take place on all levels. A germ cell for a new consciousness on this planet!

We live in a time in which the ancient art of yoga is experiencing a fresh blossoming. Never before was yoga so diverse, so alive and so present in the world. In the last decades many different styles have been born which are tailor-cut to the needs of modern practitioners. We admire the beauty in akk the diversity and would like to create a space in which all this rich variety may blossom together.

“Maitri” is a sanskrit word which means loving kindness. Maitri, also called metta in Pali, is a central virute of Buddhism and the closely related Thai massage, in which an attitude of compassion is practiced while giving a massage. Maitri is also an essential aspect of yoga. Only when we practice yoga from a place of self-love and acceptance will the positive effects truly be reaped. At our Maitri Yoga Studio we would love to create a space in which we meet ourselves and others with loving kindness.