Bhakti & mantra-singing


”Reason can only talk. It is love that sings”


Through raising our voices in song we connect, uplift and nourish mind and soul. Singing spiritual songs opens the doors of our heart and invites us to enter a healing space in which we can fully accept ourselves and others for what we are.  In our singing circles we encourage everyone to enjoy the beauty of their own unique voice, thereby making a precious gift to the group. There is a saying ”the forests would be very quiet if only those birds would sing, who sing the best” (Henry van Dyke).

We love to enjoy a wide range of spiritual songs from different clutrues across the globe, whether it be an indian mantra, or songs with Buddhist, Hawaiien, German or English words. Drawing upon a rich treasure chests of songs from around the world, we try to pick the perfect song to uplift the soul in each moment. Sophia’s deep yet playful art of storytelling helps us to gain a deeper understanding for the meaning within the mantras and songs.

Once a year we offer our special ”Bhakti Wings Retreat” in which next to Yoga, AcroYoga and Thai massage we devote a large portion of our time together to singing mantras and listening to the stories behind them. In 2014 we had the honour to be joined by special guest Janin Devi and in 2016 the wonderfully gifted Alica Khan joined us.