AcroYoga integrates the spiritual wisdom of Yoga with the dynamic strength of acrobatics and the loving kindness of Thai massage. These three ancient traditions unite to create this innovative and playful practice which cultivates trust and connection. The experience of mutual support encourages us to gather the courage to reach for new heights, lovingly exploring our boundaries to embody our highest potential.

Acro (derived from acrobatics) means ”high” or ”elevated” in Greek. Yoga is the Sanskrit word to describe a state of union. In AcroYoga we connect with our fellow students through the power of play, the dance of acrobatics and the loving touch of healing hearts. Through this uplifting and empowering practice we learn to spread our wings and fly!

In AcroYoga we explore a large range of practices, with soft and regenerative yin lunar practices at one end of the spectrum, and strengthening and empowering solar practices to ignite our inner fire at the other.

Lunar AcroYoga

Lunar AcroYoga combines elements from various healing arts, including foremost traditional Thai massage, gentle Yoga as preparation for basing and giving massage, and ”therapeutic flying”. In therapeutic flying we bring the healing principles of Thai massage into  the air, enabling our flyer to receive gentle stretches, twists, massage and ”anti-gravitational spinal elongation” all while supported on the hands and feet of the ”base”. This gives the base the unique opportunity to experience their own body as an extension of the greatest base of all – Mother Earth – connected, steady, strong and joyful. As a base we hone our stills for listening, tuning into the needs of the flyer, being present, gentle and acting from a place of loving kindness, also called “Metta” which is one of the main principles of Buddhism. The flyer is invited to be completely passiv while they enjoy this flying massage and experience how blissful it can be to trust, let go nd surrender to gravity. The ”spotter” creates a safe space by oferring their 100% presence and support to base and flyer. The dance of in- and exhale, giving and receiving allows body and mind to release tension and fear and carries us to a space of deep peace and tranquility.

Solar AcroYoga

In solar AcroYoga we explore practices such as partner acrobatics, AcroYoga washing machines, strength training and inversions to ignite our inner fire. Yoga and partner excerises help us bring our awareness into every cell, helping us to become stronger and more flexible and awaken our bodies inate intelligence. Inversions turn our world upside down, giving us a fresh perspective that we can take with us into daily life. Inversions are a fundamental aspect of acrobatics, and the more we practice them, the stronger our foundation becomes from which we can explore a plethora of movements with partners. Progressive training techniques enable us to make progress regardless of which level we are at, from complete beginner to experienced yogi refining your pike-press. In acrobatic flying both base and flyer are active. As a flyer we bring new and familiar yoga poses into the air, weaving them into elegant transitions and washing machines as we float, spin and drop on the hands and feet of our base. The spotter plays a central role, creating the safe space from which base and flyer are able to explore and expand their range of movement. Together we get strong while having a ton of fun!

Winfried and Sophia Ruhs love to share AcroYoga as they learned it from their teachers Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein (founders of AcroYoga International) while integrating their own special stengths. A focus of their work is bhakti and creating community. They love creating healing spaces where students can connect with their heart and where everyone feels accepted and supported just as they are.


Fly with us!

If you feel called to spread your wings and let your inner child shine, then take a look at our calender for upcoming events.

We can also recommend the AcroYoga trainings group in Munich, Germany lead by Estelle and Michael which we founded and taught from 2009 to 2011. Find more information here.